Develop an Native Android App for existing WordPress based Website. The Android App is rapidly developed using by just adding JSON Feeds.

It will have your custom icon/image or Logo as representation of Android App. On click the posts will show full description, links, images etc

The posts will always be updated since we use JSON Feeds. List of latest posts will be displayed on Home screen.

Drawer menu on the Action Bar will display the categories from WordPress using JSON feeds.

Version 2.6 (Preview):


BlogPress Android App Features

  • Post Comments / View Comments
  • Social Profiles (Google+, Facebook Twitter)
  • Material Design (Support Android 5.1 and 6.0)
  • New Home Screen
  • RTL Support and Translation Ready
  • Move App to SD Card
  • Pull to Refresh
  • Three Varient of Listing View
  • Author Lists
  • Splash Screen
  • Integrated with WordPress websites
  • Google Play Services (Ads)
  • Google Analytics
  • New Update Status Notification
  • About Screen
  • Search Feature
  • View Embed Support
  • Password Protected Posts
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (NEW)
  • WordPress Menu (NEW)
  • WordPress Shortcode/Javascript (NEW)
  • WordPress Pages & Taxonomies Support (NEW)
  • Cache
  • Deeplinks – Test Deeplink
  • Feedback Form
  • Switch Post to another Post
  • Zoom Image Feature
  • REST API (secured by API Key)
  • Share with Other Applications
  • Updated Detailed Documentation
  • and More…


Version 2.6 - Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) - Enable Shortcodes and Javascripts - WordPress Menu Support for Left Drawer - Pages, Taxonomies and External Links Support Version 2.5 - Changed to latest Gradle and Android Library - Layout Improvements - Password Protected Posts - Enable or Disable Home Screen (Featured Carousel and Categories) - Cache for Offline Mode ( You have the access for only those posts and categories that you have visited) - Deeplinks Version 2.4 - Changed to latest Gradle and Android Library - Layout Improvements - Support Android 5.1 and Android 6.0 - New Home Screen (Featured Carousel and Categories) - New post list format (Title Overlay) - Left Menu changed to Navigation View - Zoom Feature for Image (If have a valid image link) - Switch post (if content have a link to other post) - Feedback Action Button Version 2.3 - Changed to latest Gradle and Android Library - Layout Improvements - Authors List and their Posts - Share Screen changed to Bottom Sheet - Connectivity Improvement - Change the blog address in one location - Fix the Media Playback problem Version 2.2 - RTL Layout Improvements - Confirmation on Exit - Analytics Improvement - Enable/Disable Analytics Version 2.1 - Fix Typo Error and Video/Images Max Width - View Comments - Post Comments - Social Profiles in Navigation - Layout Improvements Version 2.0 - Material Design - RTL Support and Translation Ready - Two Varient of Listing View - Pull to Refresh - Move app to SD Card - Install Shorcut Version 1.8 - Improved features - Search - Upgrade to Android Studio 1.0+ (New Gradle Version) Version 1.7 - Improved features - All/Selective Categories - Embed Video Support - Google Analytics Support - About Screen - REST API (secured by API Key)